Chanel Les Beiges Kabuki Brush


I have been after a decent brush to keep in my hand bag at all times (oily girls who need a powder fix frequently will understand) and after visiting my local Chanel counter quite frequently for the last few months I got extremely attracted to their Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush (£35), which as you can tell from the name is actually designed to be used with their Les Beiges Powder (which is also on my wanted list).

The lady on the counter also showed me the other Kabuki Brush in the line but I was swayed in the favour of the Les Beiges brush because it is retractable which is perfect for the purpose I required, the other brush she showed me was a gorgeous quality but very standard kabuki which was not retractable but did come with a little velvet pouch to keep it in, I decided on the Les Beiges purely for practicality. The Les Beiges brush comes in a metal case with a lid which is perfect protection for on the go.

It is a very high quality brush with extremely densely packed synthetic bristles which helps it to pick up the perfect amount of product, because the bristles are so dense it does make it tricky to cover large areas quickly but as I don't use this as my main powder brush this doesn't effect me greatly as it is great for touch ups to the T zone or cheeks. Before buying this I read quite a few reviews that said it was very difficult to wash and took forever to dry out again, but I can safely say that in my experience this is not true, I wasn't his brush the same way I wash all my brushes (with Dr Bronner original scent liquid soap and warm water) and at the same time and it cleaned up like new and dried in the same time as the rest of my brushes.

Overall I would say this is an extremely luxury product and I know I could probably picked up one a lot cheaper, like maybe the Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki, but I felt like a treat, so this is definitely not something you need in your life but I do recommend it if you are a Chanel junkie or just generally feel like treating yourself to something really high quality and long lasting.

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