Homeware Haul


I've been picking up a few home bits recently, and my nan has kindly given me some really nice stuff to so I wanted to do a quick post about it.

I picked up this glass jar with pink ceramic lid from Asda for around £4, I am now using this to house my cotton wool on my dressing table and I got yet another blanket to add to the collection because it was on sale for £10 down from £20 (also from Asda).

I saw these measuring spoon which I'm pretty sure I will never use since they have invented weighing scales but anyway, they were cute pastel colours and were only £3 and I got this glass lantern which is supposed to be a tealite holder but I am actually using it for my cotton buds. (Both from Asda).

I know these aren't exactly homeware but I wanted the smaller version of my black note book and Asda is the only place I know that sells them so I picked up 2 (£2 each) and these all wood recycled pencil because I thought they looked cool (around 50p).

My nan knows my style and when she was out recently she picked me up this gorgeous vintage silver plate which would be perfect for lots of different candles, I think she paid around £5 for this from a charity shop.

TK MAXX is always a great place to look for one off quirky and cheap homeware, when I was in there last I picked up these kitch little tins, they didn't have a Tea one to match so I just got the Sugar and Coffee ones, they were only £3.99 each and I got the Chupa Chup one in the sale section for £2, I think it was marked Dow because its supposed to have a lid.

And lastly my nan is a hoarder like me and after deciding that she had no more room for any of her quilts she kindly asked if I would like this one, I love it its huge and quilted so perfect for wrapping up in the winter and best of all it's double sided, each side has a different vintage floral pattern.

Hope you liked this post.

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