Yankee Candle Summer Scoop


Since the Summer is definitely nearing an end here in Britain I thought I had better dedicate a post to these gorgeous smelling candles that have been keeping me happy all summer. I am a huge fan of Yankee Candles all year round but I go especially crazy for their seasonal scents and this summer they brought out "Summer Scoop" which is based on the scent of strawberry ice cream, as as always they did not fail to deliver on the scent front, it smells exactly as you would expect, sweet, vanilla, strawberry, summer, amazing.

I usually tend to get the traditional jar candles but this time I picked up the box of Tea Lites because it was so much cheaper and I have so many cute candle holders that never seem to get any use. It's actually great value for money, for 12 candles I paid £5.99 and each candle burns for around 4-6 hours. They of course had the samples candles, tartes, small medium and large jar candles available too, I'm pretty sure it will be disappearing soon if it hasn't already, so get them while you can they're amazing.

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