10 Favourite Bloggers


I thought I would do a post on my favourite bloggers. I follow a good few and generally use Bloglovin to find posts that catch my attention, I just scroll endlessly randomly clicking when I find something cool but I also have a few in my 'favourites' list that I always check no matter what, these are the top 10 so far. (I am always finding new blogs to follow so I'm sure I will have more favourites soon).

In no particular order, Lipstick With Some Sunshine by Tamira, because she takes such beautiful pictures which truly inspire me and make me want to read her posts even if the product doesn't seem up my street.

Hello October by Suzie, because she has a great mix of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, as a general rule I usually scroll past lifestyle posts, but never Suzie's.

Of course the wonderful Essie-Button by Estee, because she's such a loveable person, her personality is great, she's super bubbly and her Youtube channel is hilarious, she also has great recommendations and is really honest about products.

I Covet Thee by Alix, because she gives great detail about everything she posts on and her photography is always lovely and bright and pretty.

Lily Pebbles by Lily, because she is uber chic and always has random products that I would never hear about if it weren't for her, she always has everything first, she's amazing for hearing about stuff that isn't even available yet, so you know whether to bother putting it on your wish list or not. Her Youtube is also a favourite.

Milkteef by Emma, just another aesthetically pleasing blog that I can never manage to scroll past, always full to the brim with photos, which I love, and again a really honest and helpful blog.

Mouldy Fruit by Zara, for her wit, I love reading her posts, along with the great detail and reviews I always get a laugh from her posts.

Vivianna Does MakeUp by Anna, she is great for high end reviews when you really want to know if the product is worth your hard earned cash or not.

The Sunday Girl by Adrienne, purely for the sheer volume of posts, she posts numerous times a day, but they all have a real and interesting purpose which is what makes her great.

Last but certainly not least is GhostParties by Kate because she uses a lot of affordable and 'drugstore' products and always gives straightforward reviews whether they are positive or negative, I feel like I can trust in what she has to say.

If for any strange reason you might not be following any of these amazing ladies, please follow them, they are all very great and very useful and I promise that you shan't regret it =)

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