Benefit Gimme Brow


I recently purchased the much talked about Benefit Gimme Brow (3g for £17.50), the newest brow technology to hit stores. I actually managed to get mine for a sneaky £15.75 using my Friends with Benefit card (I have done a post about this previously), so I was very pleased with myself.

Gimme Brow comes in only 2 shades which is fine for me because luckily I fit into one of the shades but its a real shame for those with very blond hair or black hair, maybe they will add more? At the moment though the shades available are Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, I chose Medium/Dark.

It is described as a "Volumising fibre gel", which basically means it it a brow gel which holds everything in shape but inside the gel are tiny little fibres that are designed to attach to skin and hair to create a fuller looking brow. Hello Cara Delivigne.

The full blurb on this is, brush on fibre gel adheres to skin and hairs for fuller looking brows, it's water resistant, long wearing, natural looking and buildable. Having tried it I would agree with all these points.

The instructions say that you should 'stroke the brush tip along the brow to define the shape, comb through to blend and build' but there is a Tips & Tricks leaflet inside which says you should use short pressing motions to add the product to the brow, I find this method to be the best.

I really like this product, I think it is a bit fiddly and therefore time consuming but I think that the speed will come with more practice. I have taken before and after photos for you below.

I would recommend this brow product but I would also recommend sitting down with it for an hour and teaching yourself the best, quickest and neatest way to apply it just to get used to it as it is such a new product and isn't really like anything else that I have tried.

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