OPI Mod About You


Yet again I visited my local nail bar for some much needed TLC, I used to be a biter and I have stopped now for a good few years but just recently I have bitten 4 of my nails down to the root, they were sore and bleeding and I thought the only way to save them was to cover them in acrylics so they are hidden away and cannot be bitten. I am aware that the acrylics themselves are harmful to my nails so I have only had them put on the 4 effected nails and I have extremely strong natural nails so when they grow out my natural nails will be fully restored to their non bitten state.

Of course I chose the shade Mod About You by OPI, because it is my favourite pink shade, a real Barbie pink, very very pale almost white, but so girly and pretty. It is so light that I know I would never be able to paint in on myself without creating a mess, this is pretty much the only shade that I get painted on at the nail bar because otherwise I consider it a waste of money because I can do it myself. This shade is very opaque so you can actually get a really full colour with just one coat which I love because it means it wouldn't be time consuming like some thinner pinks that take maybe 3 or 4 coats to get the true colour.

I got these done courtesy of my Nan who got me the vouchers for Christmas and luckily I still have enough left for a massage which is great because I have never had one and I really want to treat myself to a nice relaxing afternoon one day soon.

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