Mani Monday


I cracked last week and decided to order YSL Rose Scabiosa 48 Nail Lacquer. I saw it first on Tamira's blog, Lipstick With Some Sunshine and I knew I was in love with it but I was resisting buying it until... I was on the Debenhams site and they were having their 10% off beauty, so it was down to £16.20 from £18. I usually buy everything I can from Boots because I like to collect the points, but I was quite shocked when I saw the price difference, this same polish was £22 in Boots, £4 difference is quite a lot, I wasn't pleased.

Anyway onto the polish, it's just as lovely as I knew it would be. A beautiful blue toned baby pink, perfect for Spring and Summer. I put it on about four days ago and I started to get a few little chips yesterday night so I added another layer, but to be honest three full days is good going for me! It is also a really high gloss finish. I'm really pleased with it, I'm glad I got it and I also would recommend it.

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