MAC 217 Brush


A few weeks ago I finally decided to bite the debit-card-shaped bullet and spend £18 on a tiny make up brush in the form of the famous MAC 217 Blending Brush.

Having only recently developed a new obsession with eyeshadow, I was reluctant to buy it straight away despite it repeatedly showing up on my to-buy list and despite every single blogger & Youtuber on the planet owning like 3 of them, but I was floating around on the MAC website creating a new wish list when I thought 'what the hell just order a few bits now', so I did.

As soon as I opened my little black package I could see the reason for the extreme hype. Perfectly sized, perfectly shaped, soft & gentle bristles. Winner.

The brush is designed for blending out eyeshadow, both cream and powder formulas. The bristles are extremely soft, natural and white (which I always prefer for cleaning purposes). It is a small dome shaped brush, very dense which is great for picking up lots of products and for blending. This brush cleans up really nicely too, I have washed it with the Dr. Bronner soap which worked really well and didn't dry out the bristles and I have also spot cleaned it with the MAC Brush Cleanser which works really well for a daily clean.

This is a perfect size for the crease which is what a lot of Youtubers use it for, but I have been using it for everything. I use it to coat my lid with the base colour first, then to push the crease colour in place and blend it out. After that, I brush the excess off and use it to apply a highlight colour to the inner corners and on the brow bone.

I would highly recommend picking this up if you have been in doubt or just procrastinating, it actually works as like 3 separate brushes so its definitely worth it and although I haven't tried any 'dupes' I would say just go for the real thing, its going to last for years and years anyway.

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