Granny Chic


So my lovely, thoughtful Nan popped in the other day and she had picked me up some cute treats on a recent shopping trip, a book entitled Granny Chic by Tif Fussell & Rachelle Blondel (ISBN 978-0-85783-155-2, RRP £16.99) and two beautiful Cath Kidston hand towels in pink and blue floral.

I thought I had to do a blog post about these gifts, mainly the book, as they made me really happy.

It is a beautiful book with fantastic and inspiring photography by Catherine Gratwicke, full of 'crafty recipes & inspiration for the handmade home', as it says on the cover.

Basically a book full of ideas on how to get creative using everyday objects of the shabby chic variety, including handmade bunting, plenty of uses for a doily, beautiful rugs and cushions made with scraps of vintage fabrics, details on how to revive old lampshades and chairs, and it also gives you a reason to stop feeling guilty about being such a hoarder (which I am). 

I truly recommend this book to anyone who is in touch with their vintage side and loves to get creative in their spare time. There are also other books in the series, all published by Kyle Books (

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