Philosophy Phanatic


I have been a huge fan of Philosophy products since I first learnt they made a perfume range by the name of Grace (my name) and it has spiralled into an obsession since then really. I think it was my auntie that actually bought me my first item from Philosophy and since then my nan has topped me up along the way, I've also found some bargains in TK Maxx every now and then so I now have quite the collection.

I mainly have the Grace ranges purely because I'm so happy something so pretty has my name on (yes, I am that sad) but I'm pretty sure that everything they make is gorgeous.
I have a collection of body emulsions, body butters, body lotions and my favourite the 3-in-1 shampoo, bath & showers gels, they are so useful for taking away with you.

The scent of these products is so floral and girly, I don't find them too overpowering, just light and feminine, the scent of the shower gel holds on my skin and my hair which I love.

I keep most of these products 'for good' so I don't use them daily but I would say that they do last a pretty long time, so even though they are expensive, it's almost worth it, definitely for me anyway.

I have two scents by Philosophy, Inner Grace and Amazing grace. My absolute favourite is the Inner Grace, I cannot even attempt to describe it but its just lovely. The Amazing Grace is slightly more rosy and floral so I don't use it as often but I really recommend a trip to Boots to sniff these out if you haven't already.

Are you obsessed with a particular brand? Which one?

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