La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]


I have been scrolling endlessly through reviews of this apparently amazing, holy grail stuff, it claims to cure all the problems that I suffer with my skin… clogged up pores, redness, scars lefts from blemishes, so I thought I had better give it a go, especially since there has been a wonderful 3 for 2 offer in Boots over the last few weeks.

The La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] (40ml for £15.50) is paraben free and made in France, which sets my mind at rest because everybody knows that French skincare is where it's at.

The tube advises that you use this if you have imperfection prone skin, clogged pores and or excess sebum, all of which applies to me. It states that it contains reinforced anti-imperfection efficacy to help correct the appearance of imperfections, evens out skin texture and un clogs blocked pores. It now also has an active ingredient called Procerad which helps protect against the appearance of red or brown marks.

It gives a timeline of expected results. 
After 24 hours: imperfections look visibly less red.
After 8 days: localised imperfections appear significantly reduced.
After 4 weeks: pores look unclogged, skin texture looks refined and shine is controlled.

It is a very thin cream texture, described as a gel-cream, it applies very smoothly its not greasy or sticky and soaks right into the skin leaving a matte finish (it states this is an excellent make up base).

The instructions say that it should be applied all over the face after cleansing twice a day for best results, I have to say that I haven't followed this advice perfectly as I have forgotten about this step in my routine quite a few times. I have however used it at least once a day since I got it and I can say that I really do think it has made a fantastic difference to my skin tone, I have had a lot of bad spots over the last few months which have left me with very red scarring all over my cheeks, these have dramatically faded since using this, I know it is down to this product as the only other new product I have been using is a cleanser which has no blemish curing properties.

It says that you can layer another moisturiser over this if you have very dry or dehydrated skin, I find this is enough to moisturise my skin (I have Oily/Combination blemish prone skin), but I have still been layering it with my mattifying daily moisturiser as I don't find this alone is mattifying for long enough.

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