Barry M Natural Glow Palette


I found this cute little palette in Boots the other day and thought it deserved a test run so here are my findings. The Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette by Barry M (£6.49).

This palette comes with a very decent sized mirror for applications on the go and 2 double ended sponge applicators (personally I think they could have made the palette slimmer and lost the space for the brushes) but they palette is not huge in size anyhow, only a little bit longer than the Naked Basics palette.

It contains 6 eyeshadow shades, 4 shimmers and 2 mattes, and a blush shade. The blush is described as pastel pink but when swatched (far right) and when used on the cheeks it actually only creates a soft highlight shade rather than an actual flush of colour which to be honest I don't mind because I can use this purely for eyes and the "blush" can be the brow bone and the inner corner highlight.

As for the shadow shades, I'm really impressed with the pigmentation and consistency they feel very smooth and soft, they don't seem to kick up too much excess in the pan either which is good. I think the choice of shades they have put together is gorgeous, I think the swatches here look like a designer palette, the colours are really rich with great colour pay off and work really well together. I can see ended combinations here and I'm really excited to try them all out.

I think for he money this palette is really great especially for people just starting out or people on a budget, I'm really impressed and glad I got this.

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