Review. Hourglass Arch


On a recent Space NK rampage I picked up this world famous brow product by the name of Hourglass Arch (£26) which is basically an eyebrow shaping and defining product that everyone and their mums love so I thought it was about time I tried it, since it was in stock in my shade I took it as a sign.

The packaging is very neat and sleek, a long metal tube, quite big in size which makes it nice and sturdy to handle, with lids either end, one concealing the spooly to brush out and tame brows, the other concealing the product which is a twist up system (yes you can twist it back down if you twist too much, not like those ones back in the day that would get stuck and you could never put the lid back on).

The product itself is in a very hard pencil/wax form, I can't tell the difference because it has the texture of both a pencil and a wax, very strange but very cool, it it actually flat and angled as opposed to the normal pointed nib which I find great because my brows are about the same width so it literally takes me seconds with this. The shade I have which is Soft Brunette is a perfect cool toned brown, with no sign of any red or orange undertones, more a smokey grey undertone which is great.

With this you can achieve very fine, very wide and very delicate strokes to get the perfect precision needed when filling in eyebrows which I love, I am glad I bought this product but I'm not sure if I would repurchase, it is quicker than my pencil routine but not by a great deal and my eyebrow pencil from MAC was around £14 which is nearly half the price of this Hourglass version, I think for the amount of product you actually get (when twisted all the way up it is around and inch) I don't think it is great value for money honestly. I know you only use a small amount and it will last for a while but as a whole I still think there are better value options out there.

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