Review: Bourjois Bronzing Primer


Since this Bourjois Bronzing Primer (£9.99) has been constantly on my face for the last few months I thought it was about time I did a proper review about it and explain why I love it so much so here we go...

I'm not quite sure where to start, maybe a little back story, I had been wanting to buy the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel until I heard about the drugstore dupe (this) at a third of the price, so I picked this one up instead and haven't looked back since. This is an 18g pot which I think would last at least 6 months with constant every day use, so it's actually great value for money. It smells so gorgeous, like the Delice de Poudre brick bronzer, it is a lovely matter finish which lets your skin shine through so you are still left with a natural glow, it blends out perfectly and is great for fair skin tones like mine.

It looks pretty orange on this swatch (sorry) but it isn't actually at all. This is great for contouring with and creating bits of shadow. I use this over my foundation and concealer, apply and blend it with a medium stippling brush which I find is the best way for me personally, this is of course a primer and therefore designed to go underneath foundation but I prefer the finish over top since I wear full coverage most of the time and it would totally cover the bronze effect. I also use this on my décolletage, shoulders and the tops of my feet (when they are on show) because it is so light and airy and its much quicker than fake tan. I really love this stuff and I really recommend it for all people with fair- medium skin tones, I don't think it would show up on darker skin tones unfortunately because it such a beautiful product.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Do you like this product?

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  1. I bought this a little while back and had completely forgotten that I had it until now LOL, I'll definitely start testing it straight away since I've heard amazing things about it :o) Xx

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