Kiehls Goodies


As you guys know if you have been reading my posts for a while, I often have very problematic skin (excess oil leading to spots/blemishes/breakouts) and lately I have been really taking interest in any lotions and potions that might help. Kiehl's have some really great offerings for all skin types and I've really been into their products recently. The history behind the brand assures me that their products are worth the hype and worth the price tag. 

I have been researching a lot of products from all their different ranges, so the other day I thought I'd pop in and see what took my fancy.

I was torn between the Blue Herbal Spot Treatment and the Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion, I spoke to the lady in the store and she explained that this (above, the Blue Herbal Spot Treatment) would be more suitable for my purpose. I have certain areas on my face that are worse than others and this is stronger so hopefully it'll be great, she said they work really well together so I might go back for the astringent in the future.

Whilst I was there I picked up a few samples of other products I was wanting to try, the staff in Kiehl's are so friendly and willing to help, the ladies suggested a toner to try, the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner so I got 2 sachets of that, and I had heard so much about the Ultra Facial Moisturiser so I got a few sachets of that too. Can't wait to try everything out, I will report back when I have.

Can you recommend any Kiehl's goodies?

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  1. I love the calendula toner :). This spot treatment sounds really good x