Welcome to my first 'Empties' post, I have been collecting these bits over the last few months to make sure I had a good amount to talk about. I realise Empties are better in video (Youtube) form but I'm going to take a shot anyway, hope you enjoy.

Firstly the Organix Argan Oil Shampoo and Coconut Milk Conditioner, I loved these so much that I went out and repurchased them before they were even empty, they both smell incredible and even though they are pricey I think they are well worth the money, the shampoo was difficult to lather at first but I have long hair so I find that with quite a lot of shampoos but I gave a really deep clean with minimal product and the conditioner is super thick and creamy my hair really felt nourished after and the coconut scent stays in your hair for ages.

Next, Soap & Glory Hand Food, I'm not sure how many of these I have gone through, but trust me its a lot, this hand cream is one of my all time favourites and such good value at only £5 for 125ml. It is thick and creamy without being greasy or leaving a horrible film behind and above all the smell is to die for.

Another all time favourite is the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Butter, again just an amazing moisturiser, I prefer this one to the bottled version as it is thicker and I feel the moisture locks in longer, thick, creamy, soaks in nicely and smells amazing. (Scents are a big thing for me).

A newby in my Skincare routine for the last few months has been the L'oreal Absolute Make Up Remover for Eye & Lip, this is one of those separate solutions where you have to shake it all up, this usually equals a greasy eye area when you are finished because of the oils in the product, but I didn't find that so much with this, of course it was a bit oilier than the rest of my face but over all I was really pleased, it takes off my eye make up in seconds too.

I'll get the boring one out of the way first, my Nivea Pearl & Beauty deodorant which is the only deodorant I ever use now, I love the smell and I like that it doesn't cake into a nasty white powder.

Ahhh they lovely Snow Fairy from Lush, believe it or not this was actually my first ever bottle and I loved every minute of it. I picked up 3 of these in the Christmas sales so I am fully stocked for now. The smell of this is just a sweet, pink goodness, it lathers up well and creates millions of bubbles.

This was also a Christmas time buy the Vanilla Bliss Shower gel from Body Shop, I think I got this for something crazy like£3, and it was worth every penny, teamed up with the Vanilla Bliss Body Butter, I smelt amazing for a very long time. The Body Shop products get me every time.

I have also used up a mini hand cream from L'occitane, this was the Cherry Blossom one which was unfortunately a little to runny to actually thoroughly moisturise my hands, but it smelt really fresh and was great to just have in my handbag.

I finally finished my High Beam highlighter by Benefit, I bought a new one of these ages ago because I knew I was running out and couldn't be without it but I have only just been ale to open it. This stuff lasts forever, totally worth the pennies, it's so natural looking and so light you don't even know you are wearing it. A true favourite and I really recommend it.

I also scraped the very last smidges of Creme Cup Lipstick out of the tube, beautiful every day 'your-lips-but-better' shade, completely opaque finish and super moisturising feel. (Don't worry I have already replaced it).

Rose Jam, another limited edition Lush product that had me at "Hello", smells exactly like the Rosé Jam bath melt but in a handy shower gel form so your whole body can smell just like your bath, I hope they re-release this soon.

And very last but definitely not least I used up my Quinoderm spot cream, definitely one of the best on the market, very strong so I wouldn't recommend daily use on sensitive areas, but I use this for my shoulder and back spots and they clear up in days. Amazing stuff for the price. (Around £3 at Boots).

Sorry if this post was too long, maybe for my next empties I will keep it to 5 or 6 products, thanks for reading :)

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  1. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one still working on my Snow Fairy :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Haha yep. And I still have 2 bottles to go :) they should sell it all year round I think x