Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder


I had quite a few trips to Space NK last month and one of the items I picked up was the famous Sculpting Powder by Kevyn Aucoin (rrp £35), I was actually lucky enough to get this for £30 because I had £5 Ncentive to use up so I was very happy.

So about the packaging first, you get a tiny 3.1g of product for your £35 which sounds quite bad initially but when you realise how light handed you need to be with this product you see that 3.1g will last you a pretty long time. I know the older packing gave more product but it was also a lot more bulky because it came with a brush (and I never trust those 'included' brushes) o I'm actually pleased I have this one instead.

The compact itself is very small and as some others have said it definitely looks more like an eyeshadow compact, this is great for squishing in your make up bag last minute. It is very luxurious, it comes in a little black velvet pouch and the compact is black and burgundy ombré with gold detailing, it has a push lock opening which I think is very cute and it also includes a mirror. 

So I tried to get picture as true to the actual colour as possible, as you can see its a very muted taupe-brown, ashy and cool toned, no red or orange in sight and definitely no glitter or sparkle. This is very finely milled and super super pigmented which means you only need the smallest amount with the lightest hand. 
To apply it I am actually using one of the Benefit box blush brushes because I love that it is so thin and flat it makes it very easy to control my lines, I am dying to get hold of the Nars ITA Kabuki because I think that would be the best brush but I'm still struggling to find it anywhere. I prefer applying this over my foundation and setting powder but weirdly enough the girl who tested it on me actually took all my make up off, primed my face and applied a really heavy handed layer which she then blended out when applying foundation over the top, I think if used this way the tiny pan will be gone very soon but I also prefer the look of applying it after, it can easily just be blended over with a foundation brush if you add too much.

I really like this product but the handling took a bit of getting used to, I highly recommend having a few test runs to find out what tools and method work best or you.

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