Review: Lush Full Of Grace Serum


Lush Full Of Grace Solid Serum (£8.25/ 20g).

"Solid serum to calm sensitive skin with fresh rose petals, portobello mushrooms and soothing rainforest butters." 
"... Portobello mushrooms are a natural anti oxidant, while Amazonian butters smooth and soften."

This serum contains organic almond oil, cupaucu butter, camomile blue oil, muru muru butter, calamine powder, targeted oil and rose oil.

So, onto my thoughts. First thing I noticed is that it does not come in its own tin, as Lush are an environmentally friendly company they are very minimalist on packaging, but I did find a little plastic tub from Muji which fits it perfectly. Second thing was the scent, it's very heavily scented, a sort of herbal floral. To use this you simply rub it between your hands and it starts to melt into your finger tips, you then rub the melted oils into your face and neck. This feels immediately moisturising but it's quite heavy and greasy so I would say unless you have extra time on your hands in the mornings or your skin is ultra dehydrated this is best only for night time as it does not sink in quickly by any means. It feels really luxurious on the skin and when I wake up in the morning my skin has a sort of velvet feel to it which I really like. I think I would repurchase this, I kind of got used to the scent after a while and it lasted me ages so it worked out quite good value for money.

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