Nars Matte Multiple


A long time ago now I decided to get one of the Nars Matte Multiples (rrp £30, 7.5g) in the shade Anguilla and I thought it was about time I reviewed it properly.

"A modern multi-purpose make up stick for cheeks and lips. Apply dry for a burst of high impact colour or apply wet to blend an imperceptibly smooth, sheer finish."

Firstly the packaging, it comes in a lipstick type tube so you can apply straight from the bullet but its wide enough to swipe a brush round for brush application too (I tend to use it straight from the bullet and blend it in with my Stipple brush which I find works best). The bad thing about the packaging is that it became grubby really quickly (it is the standard rubberised nars finish) and the top layer actually started peeling off which wasn't great, in the end I actually peeled off the left overs and now mine is actually shiny black plastic.

The formula, now this is marketed as a 'multiple' suggesting it can be used for the face and lips with equally good effect, I didn't find this to be true as for lips it tends to slip into the fine lines and look a bit powdery but I don't mind this as I actually bought it with the intention of using it as a blusher. I found that using a lip balm underneath can help a little but it did seem to lessen the colour pay off.

For cheeks however, I love it, it is really creamy and easy to blend and although the finish is matte and almost powdery to touch it actually gives a healthy glow somehow which is great for us oily girls that don't want to be left looking completely 1 dimensional.

The shade, I think they are accurate when they say it has high impact colour, it is very pigmented and therefore of course you only need a small amount. The shade I chose 'Anguilla' is a natural coral pink which is great on my pale skin but also looks amazing when I've got a bit of fake tan going on, it's a great all rounder and I'm certain it would suit any skin tone.

I have mentioned this in a mini review before where I stated that I don't think this is entirely worth the price tag which still rings true today. Saying that though, it's price per wear is considerably low since I have been using it almost every day. 

All in all, I don't think I'd buy one of these again, purely because of the price, I think there are other cheaper options out there, but I'm glad I got it and I can't see it finishing for some time yet.

Have you tried these?

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