Dior Backstage Blender


"The egg shaped sponge for fluid foundation produces the radiant, sculpted finish of studio make up techniques. It seamlessly hugs all the contours of the face, even in those hard to reach areas."

Application tips: Take up a small amount with the side of the sponge and use horizontal strokes to draw the foundation from the centre of the face outwards, then use the tip of the sponge to apply foundation in targeted hard to reach areas of the face (wings of the nose, eye contour etc) and lastly, tap lightly with the base to adjust coverage and obtain flawless correction.

This sponge is designed to be used dry, and therefore does not expand when emerged in water, the sponge is supposed to be designed so that it does not soak up all the product even though it is dry, in my experience this does not work, after applying foundation to half of my face with a dry sponge and then the other half with a damp sponge the coverage was noticeable which is a shame because I feel as though it is no different to any other sponge on the market. 

The shape of the sponge is definitely useful however as you can easily blend all the difficult little areas which is great and the flat edge at the bottom I great for blotting out excess product for a more natural finish.

The price is OK for me, I have not used a traditional Beauty Blender (they retail at around £20) but I do use the Real Techniques sponge (which retails for £5.99) so it's a fair in between price, and for a high end brand I don't think it's too overpriced, but all things considered I think I would recommend the Real Techniques sponge over this one.

What did you think of the Backstage Blender?

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