Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette


Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette (£45)

When I saw that NARS were bringing out a cheek palette for the holidays I knew I'd be straight down to Space NK to pick one up. I have been after the famous Laguna bronzer for ages and had recently added the Doucer blush to my wanted list so I thought I'd go for this instead and see how I got on.

Firstly some notes on the packaging, it is not the traditional rubberised black, actually quite the opposite, it is actually white plastic on the front with a graphic white floral print all over it. I quite like the white but I'm not so keen on the floral and its a bit of an odd choice for a Christmas collection, but overall it's very sturdy, clicks shut tight and is not too oversized at all.

The palette contains 4 blushes (4.5g each) and a bronzer (10g).

Miss Liberty- (the highlight) a nude shade with lots of silver glitter.
Deep Throat- a salmon shade with tiny gold glitter.
Sex Fantasy- a matte lilac pink shade.
Final Cut- a true matte orange shade.
Laguna- (the bronzer) a mid toned brown with tiny gold glitters.

This palette works out extremely good value for money as each blusher weighs in at 4.5g, the individual blushers are 4.8g when bought separately and the bronzer weighs 10g but when bought separately you actually only get 8g. Baring in mind that each blusher is £22 and Laguna is £27, that's over £100 worth of product for only £45 which I think is amazing value for money.

Now onto the formula, all the blushers are extremely pigmented (Miss Liberty is not pigmented as such but is packed full of shimmer and shine) which is great but it does mean using a really light hand when applying as it is easy to go overboard. Laguna is not as heavily pigmented but I personally prefer this for a bronzer as I like to layer up gradually to get a natural look. The lasting power is great and I can see this palette lasting a life time considering the pigmentation.

Swatches above (clockwise from the top) Deep Throat, Final Cut, Sex Fantasy, Laguna and Miss Liberty.

I really recommend picking up this palette especially if you, like me, have been wanting to pick up a few  blushes or Laguna, I think all the shades can work well on almost any skin tone and at any time of year. I hope this review was helpful.

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  1. It's so beautiful! I have seen it in Sephora, but I haven't been 100% tempted to pick it up just yet.

    xx, Ada

    1. I'd definitely recommend it, it's great value and super pretty. I'm surprised they haven't sold out actually :) check the Nars site too because I noticed here in the UK the NARS site is much cheaper than the Space NK price xxx