Tools I Can't Live Without


I had just finished cleaning my brushes the other night and I thought, why not do a post about them and all the other tools that I couldn't live without, so here they are.

Brushes- an obvious one, but there are definitely a few in my collection that I couldn't go a day without; the Elf Stipple Brush for bronzer and highlighter, the Mac 217 for applying and blending eyeshadow, the Zoeva Luxe Highlight Brush for setting powder, the Real Techniques Setting Brush for concealer and  mini Benefit Kabuki Brush for contour.

Cotton pads- for quick and easy make up and nail polish removal.

Cotton buds- for touching up eye make up, lipstick, nail polish and for applying blemish treatments.

Muslin cloth- for a gentle way to exfoliate while I cleanse when there's no time for both.

The sponge- I use two, the Dior Backstage Blender which is egg shaped and does not expand in water, and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which has flat edges as well as Roy d to make sure every surface is catered for. These are without a doubt the best tool for a natural looking base.

Nail file- both a glass one and a metal one, the glass because they are best for filing and so long lasting, and the metal for cleaning underneath the nail.

Tweezers- for everything. Plucking stray hairs, applying false lashes, peeling that dry flake ( you know you do it too). 

Eyelash curlers- for me, these are not a necessity as I actually have pretty naturally curly lashes, but I do find that they help to make my eyes look more open when wearing a smokey eye so I always keep them handy.

Magnifying mirror- the eyes and the brows.

Wipes- even though these are naughty, I always have to have a pack lying around, even if only to wipe the foundation from the back of my hand.

Baby wash- to keep brushes clean and soft.

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