REN Rosa Centifolia Express Makep Up Remover


Today I am reviewing a gorgeous cleanser I have been loving recently, the REN Rosa Centifolia Express Make Up Remover (£13/ 150ml). This has been really refreshing to use after months of just Micellar water after Micellar water, I really like the feel of cream cleansers, I know it can seem like you are just moving the make up around your face but there's something really soothing about it. Anyway, this particular cleanser leaves the skin feeling fully cleansed and super soft, I, as an oily girl, can even go without a moisturiser if I use this in the mornings. It leaves a really plump healthy look on the skin. It is a thick white cream which is non greasy and yet removes waterproof eye make up perfectly and best of all it has a pump that dispenses the perfect cotton-ball-sized amount so nothing is wasted.

I have been especially enjoying using this at night and I think I will be repurchasing this when its gone.

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