Mini Christmas haul


Today I managed to sneak in a little bit of Christmas shopping on my lunch hour so I thought I would do a mini haul to show what I got. I picked up a few things for me too though, as always.

I work in Windsor, England, and so that's where I found these goodies, it was so foggy today all day it made everything look like a scene from 'The Woman in Black', pretty cool, nice winters, Christmassy mood in town so it was nice to shop there.

I'll go through the bits for me first... So I was in need of cotton buds so I nipped into boots I noticed that the baby versions of buds, cotton pads and cotton balls are all cheaper than the normal versions at the front of the store, for the exact same quantity so I obviously chose those :) and ended up gettin both for like £1.60 or something. Very happy. (

I was also hunting down the Olbas Oil for kids because I do have the normal adult version but I'm not sure where it is and thought I'd try the kids one to see if it was less strong (it isn't by the way well ,it doesn't seem it anyway) but I'm happy I have my Olbas back. (£3.99



I picked up a few cosmetic bits too, I finally got the Collection 2000 Lasting Finish Concealer that I have heard so much about, I haven't tried it properly yet but I think I'm going to do a concealer review soon anyway so I will put the results up there (£4.99, I got yet another Barry M nail polish, one from the Gelly range this time in a bubblegum pink called 'Dragonfruit' also from boots, and lastly I treated my lips to a Bodyshop fix and purchased one of their lip butters in 'Pink Grapefruit' it's yummy (rrp £4 I got mine on 50% with a voucher code.


Oh and, a bit random I know but I am so into home wear and anything cute and random and pink... I found this bowl in Waitrose the other day for just £3 how good is that? So I had to have it since I have vowed to start taking cereal to work, I thought It can be my motivation.

Presents wise I managed to get some sweeties for my Christmas goody bags, I found them in The Works most randomly, so I was really pleased with that I got the "Butterfinger" for my dad and the "lucky charms" bar for my brother. While I was in there I got some other really cute presents, I was especially taken by the little floral storage pots (£1.99) so I had to get one for me AND my mum, same with the re-useable pink floral shopper bag (£1.99), one for me, one for mum, and I got my dad this really cool DIY book with lots of good ideas in... A totally typical dad present but I know he'll really enjoy it so it made me happy to buy it. Last but not least I got a Crossword notebook for my gran because she just loves doing crosswords.


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