Selfridges at Christmas


So every year I head to London to see all the best Christmas windows, I have taken some photos of the Selfridges & Co. Christmas window 2013 which is all based around a 'giant' theme, each window has a different designer item that has been blown up to fill the entire window.

So there is a giant Charlotte Olympia cat loafer, a giant set of Beats by Dre headphones, a giant Givenchy trainer, a giant Play Doh pot, a giant Ace of Spades champagne bottle and a giant YSL clutch with mechanical swinging tassel.

There are also some windows with a repetitive theme, so one has a huge range of multi coloured Louis Vuitton handbags, one has miniature ladders holding up loads of boxer shorts, one has loads of Kenzo jumpers suspended from the ceiling, then there is a Snoopy themed window, one with a giant snow Selfridges snow globe and right at the end is Gingerbread City.

The photos are not great unfortunately as it was so busy I had to take everything from a side angle.


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