On the go make up


So I said I would do a post showing the contents of my make up bag, this is the make up that I take out with me daily (to work, shopping etc) and I use a lot of different stuff for my main morning make up routine, which obviously I do not take out with me. The items in this bag are mainly for touch ups throughout the day because my face tends to melt off gradually as I am always running around and building up a sweat.

For base make up I only carry my concealers (MAC select cover up and Benefit IT stick pencil concealer) and my pressed powder (Chanel Poudre Universelle) because I do a full face of make up before I leave the house so I rarely have to re-apply my foundation, I do however need a concealer for touch ups and a powder because I am oily.

Blush wise I carry MAC mineralise blush in 'Giggly' and for lighter make up days a travel size Benetint by Benefit. I use a bronzed in my morning make up and don't like to be too orange so I leave that at home so I don't end up overdosing.

For eyes I carry my eyeliner (Paul & Joe) I don't use eyeliner that much these days but its good to keep in there just incase, my mascara (Hypnose original in Black by Lancôme), my brow liner (MAC in Deep Dark Brunette) which I swear by- its amazing) and a little travel sized bottle of my highlighter (High Beam by Benefit) which I refill with my full sized bottle.

Lip items I carry consist of one lip balm (in the make up bag, I'm certain there are at least two more always hidden in a side pocket of my bags) which is MAC Lip Conditioner in 'Feelin good' which was a limited colour and believe they only do the original clear one now which is a shame but I still have plenty left in my tub thank God, it's so smooth and smells gorgeous, I really recomend, I also carry my Nars 'Turkish Delight' lipgloss because its easy and goes with everything and lastly I love MAC lipsticks and often chuck a random one in my bag that I've used thAt morning but the staple one that stays in my make up bag is 'Creme Cup' which is such a natural colour and goes really well with my pale skin.

And finally, utensils-wise, I keep a couple of face wipes for emergencies (Eyeko do individually wrapped ones which is pretty handy), a nail file (Ruby & Millie glass one works really well and lasts forever), a pencil sharpener (the one I got free with my Chanel pencil), tweezers (from the Topshop beauty range), a compact mirror (Chanel), some ibuprofen because you never know, a blusher brush (A Guerlain bargain from TKMAXX) and a little sample of Coco Madamoiselle.

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