It's in the bag


This is just a sneak peak inside my handbag, generally I carry this stuff with me every day unless I'm going out in the evening and might be taking a clutch bag. 

So I have my new Urban outfitters make up bag (I will do a separate post later with the contents).

I usually have odd beauty stuff floating around in my bag, since perfume is one of my favourite favourite things I always carry a bottle with me (it changes frequently) but at the moment it is Prada Candy original. I hate having dry hands so I always have some form of hand cream or vaseline, right now it's L'occitane Dry Skin hand cream which smells so fresh and you only need a little bit, which is good because its pretty pricey (luckily I got mine given to me). And lastly I have a hand sanitizer called Hand Maid by Soap & Glory (at Boots) which smells gorgeous!!

I've got my little pink Moleskin note book and my pink Parker pen because I write notes an lists for EVERYTHING so I always have to have it with me.

I have both sets of keys, one with my car and house keys and one with my work key, locker key and fob and a spare key for my nans house.

My purses, I have one for cash and receipts and one for my cards just because I find I keep a lot more organised when they are separate. Both are by Prada, I got the pink one out of my birthday and Christmas money last year and the gold one on sale at Bicester Village outlet.

British weather calls for two items to constantly be in my handbag... Sunglasses, I splurged a few years ago on these Miu Miu babies and I'm so glad I did because they have increased in price so much! And... An umbrella, Hello Kitty naturally.

And finally, a bottle of orange squash (I'm not really a great fan of water by itself) because I am always thirsty so I have to take a drink everywhere even if I am only popping out quickly.

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