Fur and sparkles


Hi, just a post on what I wore today :) I thought I'd go for lots of fluff to keep me warm as I was leaving for work extra early today, and just a bit of sparkle because its Christmas :) 

So I wore this black Trend by H&M wool jumper (£34.99 a/w 2012 www.hm.com) with the sparkly gem detail on the cuffs, the pictures a bit rubbish, sorry, but the diamantés are in baby pink, gold, emerald green and silver, really pretty when they catch the light.

I recently made an order on my Topshop card and it finally came yesterday so I wore my new pink furry skirt, I think it is alpaca blend (£35 a/w 2013 www.topshop.com) with my 'cosy' tights from Primark (£3) they are so amazing, they have like a fleece lining so they are exactly what they say 'cosy' and such good value for money! And just my plain gold River Island watch (£19.99 I think, from a few years ago now www.riverisland.com).

I wore it with my oversized Topshop coat, also alpaca blend (bought in the Outlet store for like £20. Bargain!!! Www.topshop.com) and my black fur stole from Zara (£29.99 a/w 2013 www.zara.com).

And because it was raining I got to bust out these babies :) my Vivienne Westwood Melissa boots, I love wearing these but because I can't wear them in work I end up having to take spare shoes in my bag which means I rarely can be bothered, but I really should start getting the cost-per-wear down a bit especially considering that I live in England, the worlds most rainiest country.

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    Lovely greets from germany ;-)

  2. Those vivienne westwood boots are soooo nice!
    Daniella x


    1. Thank you, I actually got these ones when they went on sale, from ASOS a few years ago so I'm not sure if they still do that colour but I also have just plain black ones which I use much more and they are well worth the investment if you're interested in getting some :) x