Goodie bags for Christmas


I have almost completed my Christmas shopping mission now, just a few vouchers left to get and then just the mission of wrapping the rest of the presents remains.

I have previously mentioned that did goodie bags for my family last year, and I am doing the same this year, well today I got all the sweeties, chocolates and lots of other yummy stuff to go inside them. I'm really excited because I think everybody is going to love what they have got :)

My friend recently showed me the cutest sweet shop I have ever seen, a place called Hardys in Windsor train station, it's a vintage style sweet shop with every sweet you can imagine, all the limited edition ones from America and oldskool ones that are no longer widely available, not to mention billions of pots of sweets behind the counter to create your own pick'n'mix. It's so lovely in there and the staff were so helpful too, so I got a good portion of the sweets in there, and the rest in Tescos.

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