It seems that I am obsessed with LUSH this year, I have always liked it but I don't think I have ever bought this much in one year, maybe I am getting an addiction? :/

I have asked for a LUSH voucher for Christmas and I am hoping I get one because I have already planned my Boxing Day sales run (which literally just includes LUSH, Boots and Cath Kidston, well and possibly Zara for the bags :)) I'm hoping to grab some Snow Fairy on sale so I can stock up, and then there are a few bits I still haven't tried yet like the 'Fun' that I put on my wanted list and their new Rosé Jam shower gel which is really expensive but I think I'll take the plunge. Excited.

So anyway enough blabbering, the point of the post is to show you what I picked up yesterday in LUSH. I did go in on purpose, it was on my list and it wasn't just impulse buying, so I had two main things on my list 'Snow Fairy' and the 'Tea Tree Water' spray, I decided to get the huge Snow Fairy, it's my first time buying it so I was going to be reasonable and pick the 250g bottle but the bigger one was such better value, and it was the last one left so I took it as a sign (Snow Fairy 500g £10.95, www.lush.co.uk). The Tea Tree Water was another thing I had never tried, but my skin has been really bad lately and after reading the reviews I knew I would like this product so I definitely wanted the biggest bottle (Tea Tree Water 250g £7.50, www.lush.co.uk). As I was heading to the till there was a slight wait so I ended up picking up a Bubble Bar (hold it or sprinkle it under a running tap and it acts like bubble bath) from near the cash desk, in Snow Mountain, I have tried to take a nice close up so that you can see the sparkle (Snow Mountain Bubble Bar £2.65, www.lush.co.uk).

The Candy Mountain was the first thing I used as I held it under the tap while I was running my bath, I actually really like this one because the shape is practical you don't have to crumble it off, you can just hold it under the tap without getting burnt and the bubbles it created were HUGE I was really happy and I only used the tip of the mountain. 

I used all three of these things last night and can't wait to use them again, the Snow Fairy smells so good and the scent stays on your body even when you've dried off which I love, I also love that you don't need to use a lot to get a lather, at least it will last a while because it is quite expensive for a shower gel. 

As for the Tea Tree Water, I think I am in love, I have used it like 3 times already and I only bought it yesterday afternoon, I used it after my bath, after cleansing my face, I used it again before bed and left it on to soak in and I have used it this morning as soon as I woke up. The lady in the shop said you cannot over load because its such a soft formula, and I am so happy because I know I'm going to be using it A LOT, it's so refreshing, make your skin feel young and dewy, it has a slight tea tree smells but only faint so it's not overpowering, I just love it and hope it starts to help with my skin blemishes.

I have also been reading about this product lately so I thought I'd add it in, it's supposed to be the greatest lip balm formula ever created, my mum had asked for the new Banana version for Christmas so whilst shopping for that I persuaded myself to get one too, I got the original Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi Purpose Balm (£10.99, www.boots.com) it's kind of like the Elizabeth Arden 8hour Cream in that its supposed to be good for everything, I mainly bought it for my lips though and to be honest it's a very small tube and probably wouldn't last 5 minutes if it were being used for everything, saying that however it is a very thick gel type consistency and you really do not use a lot, it is clear and completely scent free, I had read one lady saying that its best a night to leave it on and feel how soft your lips are in the morning, so I did that last night and I can truthfully say my lips really do feel smooth and moisturised. So far so good, maybe I will do a review in a few weeks to share exactly how good/bad it is.

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