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Ok, recently I have been buying a lot of new things for myself (really naughtily since its so close to Christmas and my birthday), mainly beauty and skincare/ bath stuff. My skin has been particularly bad for the last few months so I decided its time for some new products and a new routine :)

There has been some great offers on over the past few week so I have done an unusual amount of shopping there (I will do a proper haul once my final package arrives) I have got so many bargains and grabbed a few things I have been wanting to try so I am really excited.

mainly used wipes to remove my make up (and my Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit face wash when I'm in the bath) but they're not really great, I think they're alright for quick fixes like getting in late at night and for a refresh first thing in the morning (I never wash my face with water in the mornings, I find it makes my face really stiff and I prefer to just use a cleansing wipe instead) but generally I know I should be using something better than just wipes for my skin so the first thing I added to the shopping basket was the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (£8) because I love the smell of their Vitamin E products and even though I have combination skin and do get oily I still love moisturising products. It's great not too thick, you don't need a lot and after 2 cotton balls I'm free of all make up.

Secondly I added the Vitamin E Face Mist (£8) because I am not a great fan of cream moisturisers for the face, even though they feel and smell gorgeous, I always feel like I've just spent ten minutes cleansing and toning my skin to unclog it from all the products only to clog it up with another one, so I chose this one, there is also a Vitamin C Face Mist (£9) which I am really interested in but I went for E because of the moisture factor. I have used MAC Fix+ (£15) for years and it was much cheaper when I started using it, around £11 so I didn't used to mind so much, but considering that I don't even use it to fix/set my make up, as intended, and only use it for refreshing my skin and at night as a quick moisturiser before bed I figured I'm spending way too much, almost double the price for the same quantity, I am loving this one and think this will definitely be my new staple. It smells lovely and doesn't leave that stiff skin feeling where you feel like you can't smile without cracking.

Thirdly I am really loving the sound of some of the masques and exfoliators in Bodyshop. They are a bit pricey to just grab as a test but now they do little sachets (£1.50) so I got one Vitamin C Exfoliator and one Vitamin E moisture masque, I have tried them both (I got enough in the sachet for two goes so I was very happy) and I really love the Exfoliator it's really fresh and the beads aren't too big so you don't feel like you're ripping your skin, I think I'm going to invest in the full sized one. As for the moisture masque I do like it and it did work, (you put it on clean skin, leave for 10 minutes and then just wipe it off with cotton wool) my skin felt smooth and soft after, the only thing I found was when I woke up in the morning I was so oily all over my face, so I'm going to have to test that one again before I commit to the big pot.

also grabbed a little bottle of pure Tea Tree Oil for my problem areas because I used to use it a lot but haven't used it in years and I know it works so :) it also goes hand in hand with my new toner (I have already posted about this sorry) the Tea Tree Water from LUSH ( £7.50 for 250g) which I LOVE it's so fresh so clean, but literally though, it's lovely I cannot recommend it enough, it doesn't smell strongly of tea tree either which is great, it's just really mild and makes your skin feel like it really has had a good clean. I use it as a toner which I then wipe off but have also been using it at night before bed.

I have had my Pore Minimiser from Clinique ( for ages but haven't really utilised it so I've been trying to get some use out of old forgotten products and this is one, its not really 'skincare' but I use it just after, before I put my foundation on (they say you can use it over as well but I find that makes my make up go blotchy and then just sit inside my pores, so I recommend under) it's actually really good, I don't remember the price but I think around the £15 mark so not bad because you really don't use a lot at all. It also comes in different shades because its ever so slightly tinted, it's like a thick sort of mousse consistency.

Lastly my lip regime, I recently invested in the famous Lanolips 101 Ointment (£10.50 which I have to agree is really great, I have used it three times so far and can safely and honestly say I can feel the difference the whole day after (I have used it at night) so I would say its worth the money, a little goes a really long way as it is very thick. I have also pulled out an old classic just recently since it is winter and all, the Bubblegum Lip Scrub by LUSH ( Around £5) again an amazing product, actually edible too, and smells delicious, they do a whole range of flavours, I'm just a really pink girl and a sweet smell lover. Definitely worth the money it lasts ages.

I thought I'd add in a photo of my new £1.99 bargain pot that I recently posted about in action in its new home since its job is to hold everything I need for my skincare routine (cotton wool balls, cotton buds and cotton beauty buds all from Boots).

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  1. I really want to try Lanolips. I'm hoping to purchase the banana one at some stage. It was sold out the last time I checked online.

    1. Hey, i really do recommend it, I got mine from boots, but I had to order my mums banana one from online, it is still in stock on, it's 8.99 + £2.50 postage, but it came really fast within 2 days. I've also heard a lot about the lemon one so now that I'm a fan I might get that at some point to try. Xx

  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Aww thank you, I'm pretty new to this business :) so thanks

      Followed you x