Wanted list


I thought I would do a little post about my cravings at the moment and I downloaded a new app which I used for the photo, I think I had it before but I must have deleted it, it's pretty cool (Photo Collage Creator if anyone is wondering). This is a mix of what I want to buy, what's on my Christmas list and what I hope to grab in the sales.

Now that everything's together on one page my obsession with pink seems quite clear, literally everything is pink. Ahhh. I don't care pink is my absolute favourite colour, namely Nude to be specific but anything remotely pink and I'm happy.

So, what I hope to buy first, Lanolips 101 Ointment  (£10.99 www.boots.com), Lush Fun in Pink (£5 www.lush.com), Lush Marshmallow melt (£3.95 www.lush.com) Ikea White Candle Tray (£1.99 www.ikea.com) and a Topshop Baby Pink Cable Knitted Jumper (£46 www.topshop.com).

What I have put on my Christmas list, Baby Pink Vans with leather laces (rrp £54.99, spotted on www.ebay.com for £34.99), and a LUSH voucher because there are a few more pricey products that I really want to get like the new Rose Jam Shower Gel (£15.95 www.lush.com) which smells just like the Rose Jam bath crumble I always get, and I hope to grab some goodies in their sale too, such as the "Think Pink" Christmas gift box (rrp £52.50.... Hopefully a lot cheaper in sale).

Lastly, the things I hope to snap up in the sales, besides the "Think Pink" box there is a Topshop pink coat I have been craving with a huge price tag (rrp £89 www.topshop.com.... Hoping for £50???) and the Ciate Advent Calender (rrp £42 www.ciate.co.uk, hoping for half price on that if there are any left by the time sales start).

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