Jouer Honey Suckle Tint Review


Today I'm reviewing the Jouer Tint in the shade Honeysuckle (£16/2g). 

"With fingertips, apply Jouer tint on apples of cheeks as a blush or on lips for a flush of colour. Loaded with Vitamin E and Shea Butter to nourish and moisturise skin. Paraben free."

The formula of this is ultra creamy, almost oily to the touch, it's super blendable with fingers or with a brush and its very highly pigmented which explains the tiny packaging, no need for a lot of product at all. On the cheeks it dries to an almost powder finish but has a healthy glow to it and on the lips it stays creamy feeling ( I advise using a lip balm because I do find it settles in the fine lines on lips). It is scent free and lasts all day on the skin, I don't think there is a bad word to say about it, in fact I think I need more shades.

I chose honeysuckle because I like the peachy tones in winter to warm up the skin when it's uber pasty, this looks very extreme in the swatch but it blends out to a really natural peach tint.

Have you tried the Jouer Tints?

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