Winter Wonders, The Skincare


As part 2 of my Winter Wonders post I am sharing a few skincare products that are great all year round, but especially in winter time.

Masks & Scrubs

I will start with the most obvious, moisturising is even more important during winter than any other time of year so moisture masks such as the BodyShop Vitamin E Moisture Mask are great, this one is perfect because you can cater to your own needs, for example I am quite oily so I take it off after say 10 minutes but if your skin is very dry you can leave it on all night if you want. This is very similar to one that I've just recently started using, the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask which is actually designed to be left on over night, I like this one as its slightly lighter so leaving it on all night doesn't leave me with an oily mess in the morning, most of it sinks right it. As for scrubs, I like body scrubs but the exfoliating gloves work really well too, one scrub I do recommend however is one for your lips the Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub is great and tastes amazing too.

Cleansing & Moisturiser

I prefer cream cleansers at night time and in winter too, an amazing one that I discovered this year is the Ren Rosa Centifolia Express Make Up Remover, it removes any make up perfectly and leaves the skin feeling soft plump and really healthy, I love it. Moisturiser wise, I try to test new ones whenever I can, but something I always use all year round is the BodyShop Vitamin E Face Mist, I love it for the mornings to wake me up, and for over make up during the day to keep my skin hydrated.

Lips & Eyes

For lips, even though there are thousands of gorgeous products out there, I have to go for the original Lanolips 101 Ointment just because it is so thick and stays on the lips for ages keeping them smooth and saving them from cracking, the tinted ones are also a great alternative to lipstick. Lastly the eye cream I would recommend from the few I have tried has got to be Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado because it's just so creamy and luxurious.

Do you have any winter recommendations?

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