Haircare Recipe


My haircare routine has been pretty much the same for a good few months now, and there are some staple items that I constantly gravitate towards when washing and styling so I thought I would share what I've been loving.

Cleansing & Conditioning

Redken All Soft Shampoo (300ml/ £9.90)
I absolutely love this range, I was recommended it by my hairdresser around 4 months ago and I've been using it ever since, it truly does what it says on the tin, produces the softest healthiest feeling hair ever! I have recently been alternating my shampoo so that my hair is not too fly away. (I keep the conditioner the same because I still want to keep some of the softness).

Kerastase Bain Divalent Shampoo (250ml/ £13.60)
I had been alternating with my Garnier Ultimate Blends but when it finished I ordered this, yet another recommendation from my hairdresser, this shampoo is designed for oily roots/ hair that gets greasy quickly, it basically gets rid of any extra oils from the roots without stripping any moisture from the ends. It really does work, I find my hair lasting longer than usual and it hasn't dried out at all.

Redken All Soft Conditioner (250ml/ £10.85)
Much like the shampoo, this does what it says, it's super nourishing and leaves the hair soft and healthy looking. Only a blob the size of a ten pence piece is needed so it lasts for ages.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence (250ml/ £22)
I got this in a beauty box a few months ago and I've really been enjoying it, it's almost finished so I think I will order the full size soon. It is basically a leave in conditioner that protects and de tangles at the same time, plus it smells lovely.


Tresemmé Heat Defence Spray (300ml/ £5.25)
I have been using this for years, it's just one of those products I always have in my drawer, it smells great, lasts for ages as it's such a huge bottle and has a great nozzle so sprays a nice fine mist.

Bumble & Bumble Defrizz (50ml/ £12.50)
Another product I have used for years, it is extremely thin in consistency so you only need a tiny amount, I use this on wet hair before I blow dry and on dry hair just after I have straightened it to keep it smooth and sleek.

Label M Salt Spray (200ml/ £13.75)
I have had this in my stash for ages but I have only really started using it in the last few months, I use this before blow drying on damp hair and after straightening for a bit of volume. I love the clean scent and the fact that it creates a great messy look without the stickiness.

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo (180ml/ £4.99)
A really lightweight dry shampoo that soaks up any excess oil without leaving that horrible 'overloaded with product' feeling.

Charles Worthington Texturizing Spray (150ml/ £6.99)
This is supposed to be a good dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (I haven't tried it), so I picked it up a while ago to try out. This is pretty sticky but it works well for adding volume at the roots when used in short blasts.

Bouffe Dry Spray (200ml/ £5.99)
I love this for when my hair needs colouring, it's a tinted Texturizing spray that covers my roots whilst giving a bit of volume and hold too.

What are your haircare staples?

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  1. I love the Redken All Soft shampoo & conditioner I nearly got some in the sales but I just pick up the condiotioner as I found after a while the shampoo & conditioner together got abit frizzy, it smells so yummy though x

    1. I knowwwww, it's so amazing. I love it :) xx