Splurge or Save?


Today, since we are in the middle of December (the most expensive month of the year for those of us celebrating Christmas), I wanted to share my thoughts on which products I personally feel are worth spending the extra cash on. 
I had a long think about it, added up all my pros and cons along with a quick rifle through my own collection to see what I spend the majority of my money on and here's my thoughts...

Splurge. Cater to your skins needs, and even if it's a bit more pricey, go for it. Someone once told me its better to get your clothes at Primark and your skincare at La Prairie, if I could afford La Prairie I would agree, but you get the idea.

Base (Primer, Foundation, Concealer)
Splurge. As flawless skin makes any blush, lipstick or eyeshadow look a thousand times better. Your skin takes up the majority of the face so it makes sense that you should spend the majority of your pennies on it. In my experience the shade choices alone are worth paying extra for, but you also need less when you buy high end and therefore it always lasts longer too.

Save. This was tricky as my first thoughts were Nars and Mac but my high street favourites swayed me, the Rimmel Stay Matte, the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot and the Maybelline Fit Me powders are all great high street options, all finely milled, soft and not heavy or cakey, they last just as long as the ones 4 times the price.

Blusher/ Bronzer
Spend. For blush there is always a lot less shades, a lot more fall out and a lot less pigment on the high street, which means they run out a lot quicker and your not necessarily buying the best shade for your skin tone. Bronzer is a tough one considering the Bodyshop Honey Bronzer and the Soap & Glory Solar Powder, but again I'd say spend especially if you use it every day, the high end ones have more pigment so last a lifetime, they also tend to have less glitter helping them to look a lot more natural.

Save. As mascara has a shelf life of around 3 months, spending £20+ seems crazy, it's nice for a treat, but for everyday there are some amazing high street mascaras from Bourjois, Maybelline, L'oreal and Rimmel.

Spend. Cheaper ones tend to have a lot less pigment, which means putting more on and running out quicker, they also tend to be harder to blend and have a lot of fall out which creates mess and waste.

Depends. I think it depends on your addiction level, I personally love high end lipsticks or middle of the road ones like Mac, but there are so many high street ranges and new launches all the time so it's really touch and go with lipstick.

Save. All glosses have the same lasting power in my experience, a few sips of coffee and it's gone, the only difference is consistency, the cheaper ones tend to be sticky and gloopy, but with the likes of NYX Butter Glosses around these days, I would say save for sure.

Nail Polish
Save. I think a good top coat will solve most problems so even though I love the YSL polishes, I would still say save your pennies and go for a great high street option like Barry M.

I hope this was helpful, what do you spend most of your money on?

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