Christmas Goodie Bags


It's Christmas Goodie Bag time again, I did a post last year too but for any who missed it, the Christmas Goodie Bag is something I do for my immediate family every year as part of their Christmas present. It's basically a huge pick'n'mix personalised to each member of my family and wrapped up in a Christmas gift bag. 

have picked up most of the bits I need now so I thought I would take some pictures of all the great stuff I managed to find in ASDA, I have a few little rare american bits to pick up from a vintage sweet store near me called Hardys so I will be doing that on Christmas Eve.

I don't know if it's just me (I'm sure it's not) but I get really excited down the sweet aisle when I start to spot things that I haven't seen for years or that I had completely forgot about like the Chupa Chups Cotton Candy Bubblegum and Pop Rocks (both below).

I also found this amazing pizza right at the end of the aisle which is made purely of pick'n'mix sweets, the strawberry laces, blackberries, eggs, pizzas and gummy bears. Such a cool idea, my brother will love it.

Do you have any strange festive traditions in your household?

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