My top 10 moisturisers of all time


Since its winter and therefore a drying time for most I thought it was a good time to do my first "Favourites" list, of moisturisers! I think moisturisers are one of my favourite products to buy, and to use because of all the beautiful smells, and the packaging, the different textures for different uses, I love them, I moisturise every single time I have a bath, even if I'm feeling lazy I will make sure to do at least my dry bits.

So here goes, these are body moisturisers not face moisturisers by the way and they are mainly drugstore buys which are affordable and easy to get your hands on. (They are in no particular order).

Firstly my 2 favourite hand creams are the famous Hand Food by Soap & Glory (£4.99, it is such a bargain 125ml for a fiver! But not only that its super duper moisturising, the name is perfect because it really feels like it fills your hands up with moisture, it's thick and creamy so you don't need much and it smells gorgeous, I've been through so many tubes of this I cannot count. The second is the gorgeous Dry Skin Hand Cream by L'Occitane (£19, this is a slightly more pricey product but it deserves to be in my top 10, this is my go to hand cream, you only need the tiniest amount (even for someone like me who usually loves to pile it on) so the higher price point is fine, it is designed for dry skin so it is slightly greasy when rubbing in but dries in normally and it smells really natural which I love.

Next, the BUTTERS, I will talk about them in order of discovery, so firstly the Body Shop Body Butter (£13, my favourite is actually the Vitamin E body butter as I'm obsessed with the Vitamin E line, but its really the texture that makes me loves these, this is a vanilla one that was on sale so I'm using this to show you. Anyway, I discovered this when I was like 11, maybe younger? When my Nan bought me a set and I LOVED it, it's so thick, the smells are hypnotising and it's just sinks right in. Beautiful. Secondly, I discovered The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory (£10.50 which just like everything from the range smells beautiful, again, it's a really thick cream that soaks in really well, keeps you moisturised for hours and lasts ages. Last, but definitely not least is, I think my favourite, and most used of the 3, the Cocoa Radiant Rich Body Butter by Vaseline (£4.99 the smell is not like any other cocoa butter range, it's sweeter and more edible (don't actually eat it though) beautifully thick and not greasy at all, I have one of these open in my bathroom now, one spare and then I received 3 more for Christmas, that's how much I love it.

Now for the super gooey, thick and greasy stuff. Firstly I had to put the Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden (£25 again, slightly more pricey but can be used for so many things, you can save on buying lots of separate products, and you really only ever use a bit because of the consistency, in the jar/tube it's a thick sort of gel, but when you get it on the skin it's more greasy so you can cover a big area with a small amount, I use this mainly on my lips and on sunburn and it works wonders. Then Sudocrem (from £1.99 which again is very thick and creamy in the pot until you touch it and then it's a super greasy consistency, it's for intense moisture, so I use this when I get the dry skin around my nose I just pile it on before I go to bed, it's also really good for spots/redness, so I sometimes use it as like a mask and plaster it all over my face before bed (put a towel over your pillow) it's so cheap and so great, can't complain. And lastly, I know a lot of people don't like this version of the Palmers range but its actually my favourite, it's kind of like Vaseline in the tub, a bit more solid though, and I use this on my stretch marks, not all the time but like once a week I put this all over the area and then use my normal moisturiser everywhere else, it's way too greasy to use all over, but this is also a great one for sunburn (£3.25

This is a summer staple, I think it came out last summer and it was an impulse buy for me because I'm always super stocked up on moisturisers at home, but I saw this on offer and had to get it. The Spray & Go by Vaseline in Cocoa Radiant (obviously) (£4.99 it sprays out like an airbrush spray, really softly but covers a good area, because of the tin it always sprays out cold which is why it's great for summer. It's not greasy at all, it's really refreshing and light, and unlike other spray moisturisers I have tried it absorbs as soon as you start rubbing it in, instead of having to massage it in for 10 mins. I love it because its so quick, the last thing I want to do in the summer heat is spend 20 minutes rubbing body butter into me when it's just going to melt off. Definitely try it if you haven't.

And lastly, I couldn't think of one more product that I really liked and relied on, so I decided to add in that I actually love all the perfumed body lotions that you get free in gift sets, I just picked these three as they were at hand, but I love them all. I never use them all over my body, I only ever use them on the areas I put perfume, I usually cover my neck and chest and then both arms, I find it helps to keep the scent longer when you layer it with the perfume, and I love that for the evening especially, because I hate carrying a full sized perfume in a tiny clutch it looks so bulky!

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