Current favourites


These are my current favourites for my current issues (including very dry skin all over, a bad breakout that just won't leave and an extremely blocked nose at night), I have thrown in a couple of make up bits that I seem to be using everyday too.

Firstly the make up, now, to cover up these horrible spots I need some hardcore stuff (trust me) and luckily a couple of my most recent purchases are just that!!! The Dream Satin Liquid foundation by Maybelline (£7.99)  is what I would call a medium to full coverage foundation but its build-able so its great for an extra layer over bad areas, it has a slight glow which is great because even though I'm a naturally shiny person, I find that matte foundations, when thickly applied end up looking too obvious, I like to have a slight natural glow. Next is the Maximum Coverage Concealer by Elf (£3.95) which I think is actually like a tube version of the Collection Lasting Perfection, I'm so pleased with the coverage, I like the Lasting Perfection for under my eyes, but this stuff is great for blemishes, so cheap, not greasy or cakes when applied, blends really well and you only need a smidge. Great. Then the Scandaleyes Lycra Flex mascara by Rimmel (£6.99), I'm totally in love with this, it gives total curl and volume and all in about 3 strokes, the only thing is I end up having to use a seperate mascara for my bottom lashes as the brush is huge, but I love that its a bristle brush and it is rounded at the end which is great so you don't have any accidents. Lastly the blusher, it's a cream blusher by Topshop in the shade Afternoon Tea (£6) which is a cream to powder type (almost!) it's still a bit dewy but I like that, it's the perfect shade for the 'winter rosy cheek' look, one dip with a stippling brush, blend and I'm done.

Next the skin products, totally loving my Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion (£8.95), its much thinner than another lotion I own which I wasn't very keen on, but it works really well, I just put a layer on after my bath and put my socks over the top so it can all soak it. Then my trusty Bubblegum Lip Scrub by Lush (£5.25) gets all the dead skin off, smells great, tastes nice (it's edible), lasts forever, what more can I ask for, well I can ask for the Popcorn flavour one too, and that's on my 'to buy' list. Lastly the Lip Butter in Caramel Cream by Nivea (£2.25) mmmMMMmmm it smells so nice and it's lovely and thick, it also doesn't leave that white opaque layer all over my lips, like some butters do, it's just so moisturising and such a bargain. Love.


A few random ones, I have been keeping this Olbas Oil for kids (£2.99) in my bag since I bought it, since its winter and you never know when it might be needed, but for like the last week I've had it on my bedside table because I've been getting blocked up when I'm sleeping and it has saved me many nights. The very last thing is the wonderful great magnificent Brush Cleanser by MAC (£10) which I've gotten a little obsessed with, and slightly over used it, so I've decanted half into my empty Chanel bottle to keep on my table and hidden the big bottle in my drawer to stop me using it all. It cleans my brushes in a second, I just pour a bit on a tissue and rub my brush on it until its clean again.

Do you love anything I've been loving? Or do you have something you think I would love?

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