10 under 10


Since its that poor old time of the year again I thought it'd be good to get a budget post out there, so here's my 10 items under £10 that I use all the time.

These are definitely my favourite nail polishes, the shade range is amazing, they dry really quickly which is great if you are impatient like me and they are super long lasting.
This is my go-to powder, I'm an oily gal so I love this because it doesn't cake or separate your make up and it doesn't add any noticeable colour or coverage.
Since I am now addicted to this concealer I thought it was only fair that I rant about it too, it's creamy, great full coverage, perfect for under eyes and can be used on blemishes as it doesn't cling to dry patches.
The perfect natural flushed look, it's a cream to powder formula, so lightweight but highly pigmented so lasts forever and it's great all year round.
The most multi tasking brush I find, is the stippling brush, it can be used on all types of liquid make up (bar eyeliner) and gives a beautiful airbrushed finish, this Elf one is a nice medium size.

Grease Lightening Spot Treatment by Lush (£5.95)This is a new one for me but my God it's good. It's packed with natural ingredients to get rid of your spots, it's dries them out and they are gone in two days tops. Magical stuff honestly.
I had to put this is because its my all time favourite body moisturiser, it's smells absolutely gorgeous, it's thick, creamy, it sinks in straight away and a little goes a long way so the tub last forever.
One hundred percent the best budget hand cream, extremely moisturising, great value for money considering its a 125ml tube and it smells pretty too.

A great all rounder product, one of them that you can use for everything, chapped lips, eczema, hand moisturiser, cuticle treatment, to tame eyebrows and flyaway hairs and they do it in lots of lovely flavours too.
So good for days when you are in a rush or have gone a bit crazy with the straighteners and your hair looks like its stuck to the side of your head, it's does take a bit of rubbing in but I think it's worth it, great for a bit of oomph in the roots or to create volume and thickness for an up-do.

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