Mini skincare and beauty haul/ Product review


Ok, as you will all know by now, I have oily/combination (dry patches) and spot prone skin, recently my spots have been a lot more frequent and a lot more angry looking than usual, I can't pinpoint a product to blame and my skin isn't particularly sensitive so I very much doubt there is a product behind these break outs. Anywho I thought I'd give my Vitamin E skincare a break for a few weeks and try and unclog my skin a bit, so here's what I've been buying to try and save my skin.

I've been reading and hearing about these Micellar waters for ages now and I still don't really get whats so great about them, I had never tried one and thought this was the perfect time to because if I know anything about them it's that they are very gentle on the skin and as its water based its kind of a toner too, (I usually use a toner to get rid of the last traces of make up, and to remove the cleanser I have just used from my skin) so it won't be clogging me up like my cream cleanser might be. I have actually used it now for about 5 days and I think I might be a convert, I chose the Garnier (£4.99) one which I found in superdrug, I love garnier products and always find them to be gentle, I'm glad I went for this one and its cheap too, that's a 400ml bottle.... For a fiver!! (Full review soon). Next I decided to pick up a new spot treatment, I have my Clean & Clear one which usually works really well but I thought maybe my skin had gotten used to it as they say, so I picked up the Neutrogena Rapid Clear treatment (£4.99), I have noticed my spots decreasing but I can't be sure what its due to, since, like an idiot, I decided to start all my new products at once!!! Clever! I also got myself a specific eye and lip make up remover by L'oreal (£4.99) because I haven't had one for years and thought it was about time, since I've hit the big 25 that I start taking care of the skin around my eyes before its too late. Lastly, I got the Beauty Fluid by Olay (£4.99) , I have heard a lot about this recently on youtube, I don't generally like cream moisturisers but the limited edition packaging was so cute and I know it's a lightweight formula that is dual use (can be a cream cleanser too), I couldn't resist. 

I have been using the Crest 3D White Whitestrips Proffesional Effects but I'm going to talk about them on a review once I have finished the course.

I've also picked up a few make up bits recently, the Stay Matte foundation by Rimmel (£4.99 on offer) which I have already reviewed but it has grown on me ever so slightly, although I still agree that it's very cakey. Then some lip products, now I only bought two of these because my mum actually gave the other two to me to try, the Collection Deluxe Lipstick in 'Talullah' (£3.99) which is a beautiful light salmon pink shade with a slight shimmer, satin finish, the only downfall to this is the smell, I don't particularly mind it, it reminds me of my childhood but yeah, it's kind of like those lipsticks you used to get as a child the ones that were as hard as bricks, other than that is smooth, moisturising, very pigmented I'm really happy with it, the second one she gave me was an MUA Power Pout Colour Intense Tint & Balm in 'Rendezvous' (£3) which I also really like, the packaging is really deceptive though so do not order these online, the tube looks like a nude brown shade but in reality is more a brick red shade, it's pretty sheer but buildable, it has the minty flavour like the rest of the chubby stick dupes, so smooth on the lips and a lovely satin finish, I can't wait to have a bit of change to go get some more. Anyway the two I bought myself were an MUA Lipstick in Shade 7 which is a medium orange toned pink shade, they are very smooth on the lips, long lasting, very pigmented and only £1, and last but definitely not least, the Collection Cream puff in Fairy Cake 3 (£2.99, this is actually a cheat because I recently rediscovered this in one of my make up pots and it has never been used), luckily it still smells alright and I'm so excited, because this pink colour was actually on my January wanted list, so anyway, this is my favourite of the four, its a matte lip cream, like a lip gloss but matte finish basically, the colour is gorgeous, a nice roses pink shade, it's a lovely finish for day time and feels so creamy, I recommend putting some lip balm under to make it last longer but other than that, I love it. I have spoken about the nude shade one in a previous post and that one is my favourite as it gets the most daily use but this ones really nice to mix it up.

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