My top concealers of all time, so far


Since I'm having such a bad time with my skin lately, it's not dreadful. It's just a lot worse than my skin has been in recent months, I though I would do a collective concealer review. Just so we are clear about my skin type, I have combination skin, generally oily, but with dry patches, blemish prone, and very pale in colour, more yellow toned than pink.

My favourite solid concealers of all time, so far, are MAC Studio Finish concealer (NW20, I actually used NC15 now) £15, the Witch concealer pen in 01 Natural available at Boots £4.99, and The Body Shop Concealer Pencil in 01 £9.

Swatches from top, the Body Shop Concealer Pencil, Witch concealer pen and MAC studio finish concealer. The Witch stick I use for spots, I put my foundation on first and then any spots that are showing through, I just draw over them with this and blend slightly, it's very pigmented and creamy so easy to blend. The Studio finish I use for under my eyes as it is a pigmented matte finish and doesn't require much setting, this is for a more natural look, for a highlighted look see below, and lastly the Body Shop Pencil concealer I spouse on redness, it's very yellow toned, creamy and matte so it's perfect for any bits of red showing through the foundation.

My favourite liquid concealers are MAC Select Cover Up in NW20, I also need to be re shaded in this, £15, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Fair, available at Boots £4.19 and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20, again need to go for NC15/20 in this next time, £15.50.

Swatches from top, Select Cover Up, Pro Longwear, Collection Lasting Perfection. The Select Cover Up is one I keep in my handbag make up bag for touch ups because it is light but still offers high coverage, it has a matte but dewy finish, very natural, this is one I use when I'm not using a foundation, I just dab this on where I need to and blend it in. Next the Collection Concealer that everyone loves, I only got mine last year, but it's almost all gone, when I first got it I used it for everything as the coverage is amazing, but now I use it for under my eyes as a more highlighting finish and under my nose to make that annoying shadow go away, I have heard a lot of people saying they think they break out from this, and I have found a suitable alternative, I didn't include it in this review as I get along perfectly well with the Collection one, but alas, it is Elf Maximum Coverage concealer, it's only available online as far as I know but it's only £3.75 so :) it comes in a squeeze tube rather than with an applicator but don't be fooled, it's still nice and thick and creamy, almost as pigmented and doesn't crease, so if you can't get on with the Collection, give it a try. And last but definitely not least is the Pro Longwear from MAC, which as you can tell from the name is designed for the Pros and is designed to last, the only problem with this is the packaging, because the pump shoots out too much product and the glass bottle means you can never finish an entire tube, coverage is amazing, it blends beautifully and the finish is dewy and natural, not oily or greasy.

Just a note.

I read a lot of young bloggers who are reluctant to try MAC products under the impression that they are 'too expensive', and I do understand that obviously you may have less money, but I just wanted to say an honest truthful opinion of mine is that, yes as much as the Lipsticks are raved about and they are my favourite too, you can get good lipsticks on the high street, same with the MAC powders, of course they are amazing, but so is the Rimmel Stay Matte for a tenth of the price, but a place I really don't advise you to scrimp is on bases, foundations and concealers, really, you will save yourself so much money, one bottle from MAC (or another high end brand) for £25 will last you 6 months +, you could buy 6 bottles from Boots at £8 each and they still wouldn't be as good or last as long. For example, I love and adore the Collection Concealer I have just spoken about but I got that at the beginning of December and its already gone, all my MAC concealers last me at least 5 months, even when I use them every day. I just think it should be calculated as a price per wear, just as you do when you buy an expensive jacket or bag.

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  1. hey as I like your blog so much, I've put you up for the liebster award!! all the details are on my blog!


  2. Great picks! The MAC Pro Longwear is a great concealer. I used to use the Studio Finish concealer, but I stopped because it was starting to feel too thick for me. It's really great for covering up blemishes though. Lately, I've just been using CC Creams as under eye concealers.

    Ray | Obey Ray

    1. I love the Pro Longwear, just need to get coloured matched again on payday :) I wish I could wear something lighter but my dark circles are so bad xxxx

  3. ive been wanting to buy the MAC pro longwear concealer but Im afraid i might get the wrong shade.. great post :)

    1. Definitely try and go into a MAC store and get colour matched, all the MAC staff are usually so nice, and ask for a tester of a few shades if you are not sure about the one they pick for you. They are really generous with thier testers so you can get to like it before u spend money on it. Xx