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We all know winter seems to take its toll on our skin, well weather in general really has an effect on our skin, I don't really find there to be much of a transitional period for my skin however because I moisturise really well all year round, it's just something I've trained myself to do, I know some people find it a chore and boring but strangely enough I find it somewhat satisfying lol, anyway, an area of my body that does get stressed out by the weather is my LIPS but luckily for me I have found the cure...

The Lush Lip Scrubs are something I have used for while, usually only sporadically to be honest, I have the Bubblegum one which is gorgeous and exactly like bubblegum, I recently also purchased this Popcorn flavoured one, I was never really interested in it even though the rest of the world seemed obsessed, I was quite content with my Bubblegum version but I was in there testing some bits and I smelt it and immediately realised why everyone was obsessed. It doesn't actually smell like popcorn, it just smells like vanillary, caramelly goodness. The idea with these is that you get a small bit, scrub it over your lips and lick off the excess (it is basically just flavoured sugar so it's perfectly safe), they contain natural coconut oil so they are moisturising and your lips don't feel dry or damaged after which is great, the only problem with this flavour is that it's actually very buttery so I cannot lick it off because I don't like butter, 9 times out of 10 I wipe the sugar off with a face wipe anyway. This stage leaves my lips new, fresh, plump looking and smooth.

I then use my Caramel Cream Lip Butter, the smell is more or less the same as the scrub so they compliment each other really well. I love this lip butter it's so thick and creamy, I usually leave it next to my bed and use it before bed, when I wake up I can usually still feel some of it there, the flavour is amazing and it really is like a body butter for lips, it doesn't just sit on top, it sinks in really well and leaves a smooth creamy feeling on the lips. It's perfect for after exfoliating to replenish the skin. I really do recommend these, I want to get theVanilla Macadamia one too.

Together these two little pots have been leaving my lips beautifully smooth and flake free.

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  2. mmm, the caramel cream sounds amazing and tastey! :P
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