Welcome to my wonderland


I thought I would do a post about my room, as I think it sums me up completely, pink, and pretty and vintage.... everything that I love! I hope you guys enjoy it, I think I will just do short captions and let the pictures speak for themselves.

All my little window creatures, ones fallen over, whoops! 

Vintage dresser from my nan and all my daily beauty goodies.

 My lovely new Yankee collection.

Before my new shelf went up, my £10 vintage charity shop bargain mirror, and my pretty primark bedding (with Ikea netting as a valance).

Little bit of Audrey.

Books, magazines, coca cola, editorials...

(I haven't finished painting my shelves, I've sort of given up)

Hair bits, storage from Poundland, TKMAXX and H&M home.

My bargain Ikea rail £4.50 :)

And the wardrobe, I can't show you inside because its way too messy, maybe I'll do a post when I've had a spring clean in there.

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  1. Love the vintage dresser! The clothes rail idea is very cool, I have been trying to find a way to hang more clothes and this might be it!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. Thanks :) and yeah tell me about it , I really wanted a normal clothes rail ideally but there's not enough floor space in my room and then I saw this, it was so cheap £4.50!! Definitely worth it x

  2. hi dear, I love your bedroom, it's so pretty and feminine!thanks for follow my google plus profile! :-) right now I've some problem with my Google's account, for this reason I can't follow you on G.plus, and so to repair this incovenience I follow you on Bloglovin! In a second moment (when I solve the problem), I will follow you also in google plus. Promised! :)


    1. Hello, thanks :) and no worries at all, I have followed your blog on Bloglovin too xxxx