Review. Pore minimisers.


This is just a quick review on a few of my pore minimising products, the Maybelline Baby Skin, Lancôme Pure Focus T-zone (actually no longer available), Clinique Pore Minimizer and lastly Benefits Porefessional. 

I picked these four products as each pair is so similar, firstly there is the gel type products, the Maybelline and the Lancôme, as you can see from the picture they are almost identical (Lancôme on the left, Maybelline on the right) and I would like to state that they also both feel and look the same once on the skin too, they both smooth out the majority of my pores, are lightweight, make my skin feel like velvet and give a nice matte finish. I apply these before my make up as otherwise I find they completely separate my make up and make me patchy. I don't find either of them to work for very long, I would say 4 hours before my oil starts appearing and in my opinion they cannot be reapplied because of the make up separating dilemma. They are however good to be worn alone, or with a fake tan base because the matte effects of these primers won't completely flatten you as you will have your fake tan glow.

Secondly I have the more mousse type formulas, Clinique and Benefit, again almost identical (Clinique on the left, Benefit on the right), these are both a thin airy whipped mousse type consistency, they are both again soft on the skin and do cover the pores, but the problem I find with these mousse type formulas is that (obviously these "pore minimizers" don't actually shrink our pores, they merely fill them so that they are flush with our skins surface to give the illusion that the pores aren't there) as they are ever so slightly tinted, they tend to be more obvious, you can kind of see the gathered up product just sitting in your pores which really isn't great when you are trying to make them LESS noticeable. They both give a very matte finish and I find they also last for around 4 hours, I also notice that this consistency tends to go cakey a lot. I know there are lots of huge fans of the Benefit Porefessional but these are just my thoughts. Oh and by the way these are again products that I recommend using under your make up, even though the packaging says either or.

In conclusion, my personal preference is the gel formula primers, I think they sit better on the skin, they look more natural and they still give a matte finish. I am currently using the Baby Skin by Maybelline the most as it is the newest and therefore the most intriguing.

Hope this was helpful guys.

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