Lets talk MAC lipsticks


I, like a million other girls, have a slight obsession with the MAC lipsticks, and therefore have a vast collection of them so I thought it was about time I gave them a little blog space :) I truly recommend them, they are completely worth the money, they smell gorgeous, they feel gorgeous on the lips, they have the hugest range of colours and finishes, and to be honest, I think lipstick in general is one of the most long lasting items in anyone's make up collection, so I honestly don't think £15 is a lot to pay for over a years supply of something, I can't rave about them enough. Go buy go buy go buy :)

I have 17 in total, which to be honest is not at all bad considering I got at least 5 of them free via the Back To MAC deal (you give them 6 empty containers, they give you a free lipstick of your choice).

I've got a few of the limited ones because I like to try and get at least one item from each collection if I can, so there's the Hello Kitty one which is nearly all gone, the Marilyn Monroe, the Archie's Girls and 2 Viva Glams. Swatches from the top - Viva Glam Nicki (satin), Viva Glam Gaga2 (amplified), Pure Zen (creme sheen), Cute Step (lustre) and Boyfriend stealer (creme sheen).

The Amplified collection, which is extreme opaque colours, swatches from the top - Chatterbox, Impassioned, Saint Germain, Candy Yum Yum and Girl About Town.

The Lustre collection which all have glitter or sheen to them, swatches from the top - Love Lorn, Pretty Please and Politely Pink. The Pink Nouveau pictured above is swatched below.

The Creme Sheen ones are slightly shiny, but not shimmery, swatches from the top - Sunny Seoul, Creme Cup and Pink Nouveau (satin finish).

My favourites are Creme Cup for everyday, this one is permanently in my make up bag, Impassioned for going out, with big smoky eyes, Sunny Seoul for summer, because orange looks gorgeous with a tan and I like Lovelorn and Girl About Town if I just feel like adding a pop of colour to my everyday make up.

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