Fresh Friday


I'm off today because I have to work on Sunday, so I've had a nice chillin day watching Youtube videos  mainly essiebutton and catching up on my unread Bloglovin posts. Then I had a nice relaxing detox bath so I just thought I would show you what I used.

I used my Fruity shower gel in Lime as bubble bath (below), I cleaned my face with my Vitamin E Cream Cleanser ( £8) while the bath was running, once I got in I splashed my face with lots of hot water and then used my Vitamin C Microdermabrasion sachet ( £1.50). When I got out of the bath I used my Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment (Boots £4.99) and then put a thin layer of Olay Beauty Fluid (Boots £4.99) on my face and neck, I never use the body lotions on my face as they are too thick.

I decided to use Pink Fun ( £5) to shampoo my hair today, it takes a while but it does lather up pretty well in the end, I shouldn't really because my hairs pretty long, I had to clean the ends with my Rosé Jam ( £3.95) I know it's a shower gel but a lot of their products are multi use so I have used this as shampoo a few times, it lathers up well and leaves its yummy scent in my hair, then I used the rest of my Lime Juicy Shower gel to wash and exfoliate with my gloves (below) whilst the Herbal Essences Bee Strong Conditioner (Boots £3.99) was sinking into my hair.

When I got out I covered my whole body in the Vanilla Body Butter from The Body Shop (, put on a bit of Caramel Lip Butter by Nivea (Boots £2.10) and slathered my feet in the Fair Trade Foot Lotion ( £9.25) with my socks to keep the moisture in.

I just lit my Primark Vanilla Candle whilst I was writing this up. How have you spent your day?

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  1. Hey there! Would you like to follow eacher other with GFC? :)

  2. You just inspired me to do a long and relaxing pamper evening tonight! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I know I think I needed a bit a chilled out evening, enjoy yours xx