Perfect Nudes


Nude nails are a definite staple for me, I just think they add a "finished" look to any outfit, I always think if my nails are looked after and well painted I look 'proper', I'm not sure if that's normal but c'est la vie, it seems pretty normal to me anywho. I thought I'd give you guys a list of my top 5 nudes, ones that I constantly pull out of the box and use all year round no matter what.

The line up is 1. Ciate Paint Pot in My Fair Lady, 2. Barry M Nail Paint in Baby Pink, 3. Barry M Nail Paint in Pinky Caramel, 4. Models Own Buff Pink and 5. Nails Inc. Basil street. (These are not in order of preference by any means.)

This one is definitely more on the pink side of town, but I always go to it for a quick nude nail as one coat is enough, it is sheer so you don't have to be too precious with it, it dries quickly and gives a gorgeous shiny finish, I love Barry M nail varnishes, I think they are by far my favourite.

I love this one because its so opaque, just one decent coat and you are done, this is a light nude colour with the tiniest of gold shimmer (you can only see it in the bottle, I don't notice it on my nails), I find I have to be quite neat with this as it is so opaque so I use this one when I have a bit more time on my hands, it's a lovely 'polished' look, very glamorous, I love it.

This is another one on the pink side, but much like the Baby Pink, this is my go to if I'm in a rush, there were a few months last year where this just never actually left my dressing table, again it's sheer so it's quick and easy, extra glossy, slightly more milky pink than the Barry M, so easy for daytime.

Now for the ultimate favourites, both of which I need to repurchase as the bottles are both nearly empty and both the brushes are dreadful now...

This is a more browny nude shade, more of a winter/evening shade really but I love it any time, it comes out nice and opaque so one coat is enough, lovely and shiny, lasts a good few days, I always get compliments when wearing this, need a new one pronto!

I think this was actually a freebie with some magazine a long time ago, and I have fallen head over heels for it, this is my favourite of all the nudes, this is a pure nude, the perfect nude I would say, it's very fair but so is my skin so it matches really well, it goes on smoothly, dries quickly, lasts for days and just looks so pretty and ladylike on the nails.

I'm actually wearing Basil Street today and that is what inspired the post xxx

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