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I know it's a bit late but I have only just realised I didn't do a 'Christmas sales' post, so here we go.

I got the 'Christmas Cookie' Yankee candle in Clintons, unfortunately I could only get the medium jar because they had sold out of the large ones but it was only £12 down from £17 so can't complain.

Definitely had to hit the Lush sale since my extreme obsession with Lush has set in big time, stocked up on 2 more giant bottles of Snow Fairy, unfortunately the Rose Jam I was sooooo desiring was sold out in the bigger bottle.... So I got FIVE of the 100ml bottles (I was so upset because I was online before I went out shopping and they had all sizes available, none in store, and when I went back online they only had 100ml bottles), the man in the shop seems to think it'll be back on the shelves in a few months though, so fingers crossed. I got a couple of Candy Mountains and a couple of bottles of Tea Tree Water my new love, (all of the above was half its usual price). I got a couple of full priced products that I'd been craving, the Fun bar in Pink and the Fair Trade Foot Lotion.

I also got a Vanilla body butter from The Body shop at only £5, usually £13.

I'm a total sucker for perfumes, they are my weakness so I had a bit of a spree. 
Firstly the Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, my ultimate favourite perfume, was sold out online at boots as it had gone down to £52 for the set, but I managed to get it from someone selling an unwanted gift on eBay for the same price, so to me it's still a sale bargain. (50ml eau de parfum, rrp £69, with a 40ml body cream and a 50ml shower gel).
I then went to a huge Boots near me and they still had some of the Manifesto by YSL gift sets available, this is a second favourite (along with Alien by Thierry Mugler), so I picked up the 50ml eau de parfum gift box which also came with a 10ml purse spray for just £36!!!!! So amazing.
And lastly, a few days after the manifesto excitement I went to another Boots store and just inside the door were the gift boxes of Lady Gaga's perfume Fame, which i have run out of, it is a 50ml eau de parfum with a 75ml body cream and a 75ml shower gel for, wait for it..... £16. I was so pleased. (My mum actually gave me the money back for this as she wanted to get it for my birthday, so that was an added bonus, it ended up being free!)

I think I did pretty well in the sales, how did you guys do?

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  1. You got some lovely things in the sales, I was looking at those YSL sets but I have so many already!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. Haha, at least you can control yourself, I cannot resist perfume, especially when it's so cheap :) x