Mani Monday


I thought since it was about time I changed my chipped nasty nail polish, that I might as well share with you guys what I do and what polish I have chosen.

So this is the adorable case I keep my nail polishes in (I'm not sure where it was from it was a present from my Nan) and the above picture is my nail polish collection ( it looks really messy but the bottom layer is beautifully organised its just the top layer is all the ones which are all odd shapes and sizes that don't stay nicely like the Barry M layer).

I decided to use my wipes today because I'm running low on cotton balls which I need for my skincare so I used these Nail Varnish Remover wipes from Topshop £2, which are really oily so they are a bit messy but they are super moisturising for the nails and one wipe cleans both hands. Then I filed my nails down with my Ruby & Millie glass file, these are great because they last forever, I don't think this one is available any more but I know that there is a Leighton Denny one which is £15.50 from Boots which is just as good and then I just cleaned under my nails with the metal file.

Next I used my Leighton Denny HydraFlex Serum £11 which is basically a conditioner for nails, you just put a little blob on each nail and rub it all over until it has dried in, it helps to strengthen them.

I chose the shade Buff Pink by Models Own £5, which is a nice creamy nude shade, I did two layers of the polish and then one layer of the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth £4.89 on the top.

Et voila.

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